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ProLiant 8000

Complete System Performance Monitor for Linux by hp

What is It?
Compaq Storage Performance Monitor for Linux (CSPM) has evolved into System Performance Monitor 2 by hp. Spm2 now provides monitoring of cpu, mem, storage, network, and irq utilization This monitor is being released as open source to get community involvement. Please give feedback to Thanks...

cr 3500 controller
ProLiant DL 320 disk


Version 1.0 gets the data from /proc/partitions. This is where the sar patch puts its data that I use. It was written by Stephen Tweedie. Redhat 8.0 and Mandrake 8.2 already have this patch applied. Kernel 2.4.20 has this patch already included. Qt 3.0 or later is also required. QT 3.1 or later is recommended for full functionallity. This can be downloaded from

To Do List

  1. Fix the segmentation fault when a new disk or filesystem is added while spm2 is running
  2. Being able to monitor raw block devices
  3. Adding a performance mode to help benchmarkers and testers to get timed and logged results that can later be printed or saved


NEWS ------- Version 1.1 has been released. Now supports linux kernel 2.6
This monitor was programmed with some code and ideas from ksysguard.

HOWTO documentation is located at

Our project summary page is located at


The System Performance Monitor 2 by hp code is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2. This is the same license used by the Linux kernel.

Screen Shots

monitoring stats on
2 different 8-ways
Cpu util on one system
and irq util on the other
Controller info and partition info monitoring stats on ProLiant 8000's,
with system preferences


Author: Don Dupuis

This file last updated on 03-Feb-2003
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